30 Days of Yoga

A yoga and wellness course. | taught by Cara Maclean, MA

Course description

If you've been meaning to try yoga, but don't know where to start...

If you have some experience, but don't want to go to a studio or gym...

If you simply want to feel better in your body...

Then this 30 day series is a wonderful beginning! It starts slow, teaching yoga basics, and weaves daily intentions and home practice tips throughout. 

You'll get stronger, more flexible, and just feel great. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga. This 30 day can program be the basis for a home practice, or set you up for confidence in the studio.

If you have questions, you can always contact me! Whether it's technical, about the course software or videos, or a question about pose modifications, I'm here to help!

*Also, when you purchase this course ($14), $10 goes to the Kiva organization to empower women around the world to improve their lives and communities. So you're helping others while you make yourself a priority!

Remember: Everyone benefits when you make yourself a priority!

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Cara Maclean, MA
Cara Maclean, MA
Wellness Coach

We all have a unique contribution to offer the world, but it often gets buried under others' expectations. As parents, we do our best to teach our kids how to embrace their uniqueness when often we haven't fully learned ourselves. I'm changing that. 

My coaching and courses weave together my background in Sociology, personal coaching, and yoga, PLUS my own experience being a parent to gifted, and challenging boys. When we make ourselves a priority, we can show up for our kids with more patience and energy, and ultimately make the world a healthier place. 

Contact me any time with questions, insights, or issues!