You want your child to thrive.

Make sure you do too.

My courses support YOU to be the intelligent, creative, patient, loving human who's able to support their kids through their unique journey. And rock your journey with grace, humor, and style! 

When you ditch the martyr model of motherhood, everyone thrives. Including you.

You're in the right place if you:

(Resonate with any of the following...)

  • take care of everyone and everything except yourself (and silently resent it)

  • wish life could be fun and vibrant again (but that feels super selfish)

  • have a child who isn't a ‘typical’ kid (and their needs dominate the family scene)

Hi, I'm Cara!

I'm a Coach for Moms like You.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the narrative that moms have to give up everything for their kids. You have something to offer the world, and it's in addition to raising awesome kids. As I see it, you can change the world in two ways: 1) You can raise children who value their uniqueness and creativity, and 2) You can value yourself, your own uniqueness, and creative contribution to the world. That may sound lofty, but it's true. When you care for yourself and your own ambitions, you change the way the world works. You become a role model for your children, and for others around you to embrace their uniqueness and foster healthy relationships (that aren't based on sacrifice).
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Hi, I'm Cara!

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