Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Your Yoga Bundle!
    • Intro to Yoga Bundle
  • 2
    • Clarity: Strength & Core
    • Clarity: Gentle Foundation & Core
  • 3
    • Strength: Flow
    • Strength: Floor Work
  • 4
    • Simplicity: Hips
    • Simplicity: Twists
  • 5
    • Gratitude: Heart Opening Flow
    • Gratitude: Gentle Heart Openers
  • 6
    • Support: You'll Need Pillows!
    • Support: Hamstring Tension Melt
  • 7
    Grand Finale!
    • Full Hour Practice


  • Cara Maclean, MA

    Cara Maclean, MA


    I know how much of a difference it makes to our kids when we take care of ourselves. Yes, when you make yourself a priority, the positive ripple effect is amazing. Through my own experience raising gifted & challenging children to being a coach and educator, I know that THIS is how we change the world. I help parents of gifted/twice exceptional children navigate the wild journey and thrive along the way. After all, roller coasters are supposed to be fun, right? As for details, I have a Masters in Sociology from the University of Washington and been a coach and educator for years. I believe stepping out of the old role of motherhood will shift our families (and the world) toward healthy, vibrant relationships that heal. Imagine a world where everyone values their unique difference (AND that of everyone else!). I'm also a registered yoga teacher, which informs much of my coaching and personal practices. The body and mind connection gets disregarded in our culture, but it holds the key to true health and wellness. I won't make you do yoga, but I'll probably suggest it. ;)